Meridian Financial Group, Inc.

A Registered Investment Advisor

Meridian Financial Group, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm specializing in financial planning, retirement planning consultation, and investment advisory services.  Founded in February 1999 by enterprising partners, Meridian Financial Group seeks to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients, gaining their respect and trust.  Our staff of financial professionals is dedicated to assisting our clients toward meeting their goals and dreams.

Business Relationships

Meridian Financial Group, Inc.’s focus in the business community is comprehensive retirement program consulting, implementation, and on-going support.  Our firm consults with business owners and board of directors, helping them tailor a retirement plan specific to the company’s objectives.  We evaluate investment sponsors for our business clients to help select a diversified menu of investment options to position within their retirement plan.  Our firm works diligently to raise employee awareness and increase the overall value of a company sponsored retirement plan.  Companies working with Meridian Financial Group have more than just a retirement plan, they have a retirement program.  Our retirement programs can help our clients establish a competitive advantage when looking to continually attract, retain, and motivate quality employees.  We put our knowledge and experience to work for our clients, providing value added services required in competitive retirement programs.  These services include assisting with participant enrollment, plan education, consulting services, and executive benefits programs.

Individual Relationships

Meridian Financial Group, Inc. uses a needs based analysis approach as the basis for financial planning and consulting with clients.  Foremost, we listen to our clients; their wants, needs, goals, and dreams.  We analyze our clients’ financial condition and then apply their goals to obtain a “snapshot” of their current position.  Through thorough examination, we give recommendations to assist our clients’ with pursuing their financial success.  Our firm understands life is not static.  There are numerous changes over the years.  We are always available for our clients and have the ability to be flexible with our planning, making the appropriate updates and modifications when they arise.

Investment Advisory Services

Meridian Financial Group, Inc. has a unique, five step approach to investment advisory services.  Step one, we conduct financial analysis; identifying financial goals.  Our firm follows a strategic investment process beginning with an understanding of our clients’ reasons for investing, their investment time horizons, and their attitude towards risk.  The second step is to develop an asset allocation strategy.  With the information attained from step one, we develop an asset allocation similar to a road map, plotting the path toward aiding in the achievement of our clients’ financial goals.  Step three is the selection of investments to fit in the designed allocation, creating a portfolio.  This portfolio may include, but is not limited to, mutual funds, equity traded funds, stocks, bonds, REITs, limited partnerships, business development companies, life insurance, and/or annuities.  The fourth step is to monitor performance and risk of the portfolio regularly to assess the process toward meeting our clients’ goals and make any needed refinements.  The final step is clear and concise communication with clients to ensure they are kept informed and in control of their plan and portfolio.  This process assists in understanding our clients’ goals, risk tolerance, and aids in portfolio development, but no strategy assures success or guarantees against loss.

Meridian Financial Group, Inc. has forged lasting relationships with our clients by providing access to a team of financial professionals who understand the importance of their goals and needs.  These relationships can only be formed by dedicating ourselves to providing the utmost in professional services, gaining the respect and trust of our clients; a relationship that is clearly recognized as unmistakably special by our clients.